November 14, 2011

Nude news from Rarotonga

The unholy trinity of rugby, alcohol and nudity has reared its head again not soon after the Rugby World Cup, when players have too much time on their hands.
Culprit this time is All Black Zac Guildford (allegedly!)
"staggering naked, drunk and bleeding into a bar where he allegedly assaulted two people" (according to Rugby Week, who read it in a NZ newspaper).
Since Trader Jacks in Rarotonga, the main waterfront hangout for locals and tourists - and what a splendid venue it is too - was hosting a 60th birthday party, the punters could be forgiven in thinking (and marveling at the surprise turn up) that Zac was hired as a strip-a-gram. I would have been most pleased if an All Black turned up naked at my birthday party!

But no, the reactions have all been pontificating and patronizing. Young rugby players get drunk, out of hand and their kit off. Get over it. It has always been thus.

The kerfuffle made the French and German media too, so it must be real news.

But the real staggering aspect to me is the fact that New Zealanders are so crap at using social media in cases like this: there is no cellphone footage (as far as I can find out) on YouTube which could shed some light on the fun and games.

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