August 02, 2003

Catholic MPs ordered to vote down gay marriage law

The Catholic MPs in our (and other countries') parliaments again face an interesting dilemma. The leader they have pledged allegiance to - remember, Catholicism involves subjugation to the infallibility and the precedence of Vatican diktats over mere domestic profane law - has ordered them to prevent or change laws that allow gay marriage and/or civil unions. Apart from the tragic irony that the biggest homosexual closet in world history is such a staunch defender of the particular lifestyle option of hetero marriage, I am far more disturbed by the fact that many of our elected politicians swear an oath to serve New Zealand, but then follow orders from a foreign power in their legislative voting pattern. Was Harry Duynhoven dumped on for renewing his dual nationality (NZ-Dutch) because - it was presumed? - he would try to introduce liberal Dutch legislation on euthanasia, dope and gay marriage into NZ? So to cut the hypocrisy after last week's defeat of the Death With Dignity Bill, I call on all Catholic MPs, including Bill English, the Member of Papal States (South Pacific), to choose which power they serve: the NZ electorate or that foreign prince who only uses his organ to piss.

Cold is God's way of telling us to burn more Catholics.
(Blackadder II "Beer")

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