September 21, 2003

Bad Herrenalb

If you thought it could not get any tinier, here we were in the middle of the Black Forest, in a little town (pop. 3500) called Bad Herrenalb, just south of Karlsruhe. Don't ask why we were there or stayed 2 nights, but we did.
As the name implies, it is a spa town with many natural springs, some of them hot. Since we are suckers for spa pools and saunas we legged it to the local thermal baths. I like to imagine that it was again the Romans who got there cos there was free hot water, and fought the German tribes for the right to a hot bath. And of course I also like to imagine what the Centurion awarded to his cohort that actually found the hot spring first...
So we followed in a good tradition, and the Germans don't do things by half: no, the massive Finnish sauna, Turkish, Russian and Black Forest steam baths were all textile free and also mixed gender. This meant there were very few signs of any cruising (if any at all was happening, the delectable guys were held on a tight reign - a naturist one of course - by their wives and girlfriends). Just comes to show again that any males trying to expand and explore their sexual freedoms are actively being sabotaged by their women - but that is my theory anyway.
The staff was quite active in a non-erotic way: one woman poured the scented water over the heated stones and waved her towel creating a heat blast that sent the temperature gauge to 95C and it actually singed my nipple hairs! I hadn't quite realised that the Finns have invented a whole S&M scene by themselves. If purgatory is like this I'd like to stay a while!
We stayed at this biker chick's place and of course her biker boyfriend had us drooling like a spring in Springtime. Blond mohican haircut and eyebrows, and I really wished he kept his arms down by his sides cos I was really feeling weak at the knees - maybe too much Finnish sauna heat. The biker chick also had a son of 17 who was quite curious about the girls in NZ. He fancied himself quite the ladies' man, and he really pulled it off, having more dress sense and bigger moussed hair than many a gayboy. I guess that's what metrosexuals look like.

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