September 07, 2003


Had a drink in a gay bar tonight, and then went for dinner in a vegetarian restaurant. My food came out and it was spag!! I had ordered salad, as my tummy is still on the blink! When it finally arrived a just couldn't face it and beat a hasty retreat!! Never mind.

Up early and caught the 8:30 Ave high speed train for Cordoba. The trip was great, I love going at 300km/hr.
Decided to take the video-camera this time, we are such tourists! Passed through very arid countryside, stunted corn, and then in the southern hills, lots of olive groves. Breakfast was served on the train.
First up today we visited the Alcazar, home of the Catholic kings after the Moors had left. Here there are wonderful gardens with fish ponds, citrus trees, date palms, fountains, the lot. Everything one expects of a Moorish garden, one of the best in Andalucia, so the guide book says.
From here it was on to the Mezquita, the site of the original Mosque of the Moors. Of course the Christians came along and built their Cathedral right in the middle of it. The King regretted it later apparently.
There are still over 800 pillars still surviving from the original Mosque, which was built in the tenth century! That would have to be the oldest thing Ewen has ever seen, oh except for (perhaps there is a joke in here somewhere?) maybe some Roman ruins.
After this we ambled our way through the old Jewish quarter, with streets so narrow cars tyres squeaked against the curbs on both sides, and you have to stand in doorways to let them pass!
We lunched inside a wonderful courtyard with air conditioning, vines hanging from the upstairs windows and marble tiles on the floor. Lunch was gazpacho, even better than mine!! This was accompanied by water and bread.
As heat of the day took its toll, we took shelter in a wee cafe under topiaried lemon trees. It is amazing how the Spanish men are quick to appreciate the women. The workers across the Plaza were whistling all the time and clasping themselves in a surprising manner!
We have a two hour wander back to the train station through yet more municipal gardens, maybe even a kip under some trees would be good.

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