February 25, 2004

Since Mr Bush has firmly nailed (!) his colours to the mast of bullyboy conservatism by proposing an amendment to the US constitution banning "gay marriage", I think a campaign should be started to remove Freedom of Religion from the Bill of Rights and replace it with a Right to Freedom From Religion, including bans on all things religious/superstitious from the public domain.
Let's face it, religious observance is best practised in the privacy of your own home or church: daddy can then beat the abstinence message into you with glee and fervour, preferably without using a cane or whip with razor blades, but hey, if that's your thing, go for it. SM and Roman Catholicism have always had an intimate relationship in the past so why not continue that fine culture. But please keep it private. If I want to have something rammed down my throat, I prefer Ewan McGregor to Mel Gibson or George Bush.
Christopher Hitchens's take on "The Passion" here.

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