March 04, 2004

Sex ed 101

Seems like the general rightwing fundamentalist turn in the US and elsewhere has not ignored the so-inclined gays too.
All of a sudden it's "wonderful" to be monogamous, not only for heteros but for queers too - with the added "health benefit" of "stopping the spread of HIV". We have heard it all before in other sex scares such as syphilis and fallen women.
Well, excuse me, but I disagree with another takeover of sex education by religionists - or gay moralists who never get any dates.
It's not monogamy that will protect you from getting an STD - ask any African woman with HIV who got it off their husbands, who see unprotected sex with virgins as a means of getting rid of the virus.
Having sex with multiple partners is not the problem, but the way you have sex with them. Educate yourself about how to protect you and your partner from infection, don't rely on received wisdom from the bishop or gay marriage promoters.
Sex is good and is never a sin - nor a scandal.

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