June 02, 2004

Cook Islands holiday

Back from my holiday in the sun, well rested and somewhat browned. We stayed at Napa Bungalows and we can warmly recommend it - especially if there are six of you so you can book out the whole area. Private beach and lagoon, close to the airport but not too noisy. Just don't stay longer than, say, 10 days or you'll be bored out of your brains.
The Cook Islands are your typical tropical despotic country - ruled by Christians in all the senses: nothing open on Sunday, no nude sunbathing or swimming, no gay nookie. More dogs, chickens and churches than decent restaurants and cafes. A TV station owned by the local media mogul and opponent of the Government, which makes for 'interesting' local news. If you think your local media are biased in their reporting, you ain't seen Cook Islands TV yet!

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