June 29, 2004

Grenzeloze Liefde

In February, we hosted a television crew (pictured: presenter/producer Annick and cameraman Lou) to film us for a Belgian TV series called "Grenzeloze Liefde" ("Borderless Love"). They stayed with us for a week for a fly-on-the-wall documentary about my expat life here in NZ and how I found love abroad. It was quite fun, but being filmed all the time was a bit unnerving. I guess that's what reality TV is all about, but in this case it's about real life.
We took them to the "Big Gay Out" and I hope they did keep the footage of meeting Prime Minister Helen Clark in the final cut. I can't think of any other government leader that would turn up, year after year, to a gay pride event. Imagine President Bush at the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair wielding a whip or trying out a new line in paddles (err, maybe he could pick up some ideas for Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib).
But anyway, the screening on Belgian TV network VRT is on Monday 5 July at 9.15pm.
The ratings for the current series are rather incredible, considering the low season and screening time. Am a bit daunted about 375,000+ people looking at my domestic arrangements. Anyway if you're in Belgium over the Summer, check it out. The series should be on satellite channel BVN too in the coming months.
UPDATE: The show's been on and attracted 542,100 viewers, the VRT told me, which just blows me away. Also got tons of mail from Belgian married gay couples, old flames, long lost relatives and neighbours, and Interbrew marketers saying thanks for patronising and mentioning the Belgian Beer Cafes in Auckland.

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