September 25, 2004

Bad taste advisory from Arts & Letters Daily

I always suspected that academics in their spare time hang out on unsavoury and salacious websites. It would be a dreamjob if you could do it for a living, of course, but I bet it warmed the cockles of Dennis Dutton's heart to read a riveting Observer article by a man who claimed he has slept with over 1,000 prostitutes. (Go read it, it's excellent)
As a man who has not paid for sex (and get chastised for it by said sex connoisseur Sebastian Horsley) I was intrigued by the difference in his world compared to my queer world one. If, as a gay/queer man, you are in reasonable shape and sound of body and mind, there is really very little need to pay for sex. As my forays into Auckland's gay sex scene have shown elsewhere on this blog, there is ample opportunity and choice for getting it off without the need to pay your partner. I can't vouch for the male escort agencies because I have never used them or visited them. But, as he mentioned, "lust over love and falling in a woman's arms without falling into her hands" is very much an alien concept when there is a whole range of fuckbuddies just itching to get it on with you.
The whore fuck is the purest fuck of all.
Maybe for straight men it is, but in queer terms every male on male fuck is pretty damn pure.

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