September 25, 2004

Those sandal movies keep coming

Since we are in the age of empire again, it's not suprising Hollywood is making films about earlier versions.
The fun with films set in the classical age (i.e. the time before those superstitious "people of the book" got hold of our civilisation and ruined it) is how they handle the rampant homo exuberance of the main characters such as Achilles and Alexander and thus whether it would be actually worthwhile to go and see the films.
Now I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing Colin Alexander Farrell (the tattooed one) getting it on with Jared Hephaeston Leto (the other one), but a nagging little voice in my ear says chance would be a fine thing.

Why do we always have to wait for the porno versions of classical stories to get some truth on the screen? If you ever have the chance to see Glaadiator, do not miss it. It's a fine tale making mischief of Russell Crowe's pathetic attempt, and queer as fuck!

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