November 04, 2004

All I want for Christmas

Now that the "red" and the "blue" states have been entrenched and showing no sign of changing much in the future, why don't they make it official and separate?
It would overturn the unsatisfactory outcome of 1865 achieved under another Republican President, so the Midwest/South can continue playing at empire-in-drag, and the coastal states can join the reality-based world again.
The new Confederacy could then establish their Taliban-like regime: run around in pyjamas, not having to shave, guns as a permanent accessory (who needs a draft when your boys are homeschooled and reared to shoot), the women-folk covered up and knowing their place, compulsory circumcision, all art replaced with the 10 Commandments hewn into slabs of rock.
In short "one red nation under GWB".
No need for any more elections - who has ever heard of a more ridiculous concept than a "democractic empire"?
The Bush family should easily become the new imperial family, W to be succeeded by Jeb and then by Jenna and Not-Jenna. I can see a special starring role for Barbara as the new Livia. GHB survived an earlier food poisoning. He may not get away so easily this time round!
On a more serious note: I expect all 18 to 30 year old Bush voters now to repay their Leader for their loyalty and enlist, so a draft will not have to happen.
And for all you would-be refugees from Bushland: be most welcome here in New Zealand. Check your immigration eligibility.
And here is a good impression of the map of the future.

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