December 04, 2004

A Letter to La Coddington

Deborah Coddington, Member of Parliament

Dear Madame Coddington,

I noted your vote against the Civil Union Bill in its second reading on Thursday, and your accompanying comment to the New Zealand Herald:
It's politically correct clap-trap. It's discriminatory. I've nothing against gay marriage but that is not what this is.
It is saying to same-sex or gay couples "you are not quite good enough to have a marriage so we'll give you second best". If it was a gay marriage bill I would support it.
This is just the Labour Government vote-buying, we're-nice-to-gays garbage. Why shouldn't they get married? It should be up to the churches or institutions to say whether they want to marry them or not, not us.
I am happy to see you side with lesbian godmother Marilyn Waring on the perception that the Bill proposes second class marriage and you and her want the full Monty.
You, like Madame Waring who has had her chance of shattering the Government of the day and took it, now have the opportunity to introduce a Private Member's Bill to amend the Marriage Act for it to cover other sexual orientations.
Since the latest poll readings for your party are not pointing to a large chance of you being returned to parliament next year, there is no time to lose - especially since other ACT supporters are calling for your (and your fellow nay voters') head to roll, including in comments on your leader's blog.
So there is no moment to lose to establish your social liberal credentials, I beseech you, and haste thyself to the Speaker's Office. I can promise many a liberal MP will wave his and her complementary order papers in support. It may also greatly increase your chances in the Auckland Central electorate next year. We faggots know a liberal soul when we see one, but are an unforgiving lot when you cross us.

Yours etc. etc.

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