December 21, 2004


Pre-yuletide stress and lack of time, so the blogging will be minimal. Next weekend will be spent in the Wairarapa with the in-laws, a good natured bunch so family stress is largely absent and confined to dealing with (to?) screaming bored kids.
Nothing has much grabbed my attention lately, except drunk company clients baselessly complaining about my work, but thankfully taking it in good grace when pointed out that the alcohol was talking (out of their arse, as usual).
Maybe I should pitch a new reality TV show to TVNZ: The $800,000 Challenge. Contestants slug it out to be the best news reader on TV and the winner goes into a head to head clash with Ms Bailey, as the viewer decides who gets the $800,000-a-year job. Losers can always get to work at TV3 (or Prime TV if they are really desperate)

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