February 16, 2005

How you know a teacher from a homosexual terrorist?

Easy. A teacher uses a red laser to point at the blackboard. A homosexual uses a geen laser to point at hotties at nightclubs and occasionally at incoming planes to blind the pilots, in which case he becomes a terrorist. In a "news" story, two gay men, driving in their Mini Cooper - such a GAY car (I got one, see left) - were apprehended by cops and cuffed on suspicion of pointing a green laser beam at a police helicopter.
“Suddenly all these black SUVs surrounded our MiniCoop," says Garcia. “Next thing we knew, we were in the back seat of a Ford Explorer wearing handcuffs." Adds Feldman: "We're open to a lot of stuff, but S&M is not big on our list." [...] In recent years, pocket lasers have become increasingly popular at gay dance clubs. Paco Garcia explains that club-goers often use the green laser pointers to add to the excitement on the dance floor. "When you see a buff guy, guys point pocket lasers on him. That way he stands out and he knows that we think he’s hot," explains Garcia.
You reckon the car cops were jealous of their chopper colleagues because the laser beams were not aimed at them? Maybe eating less donuts and working out more in the gym would increase their chances of being zapped by the gay laser beam.

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