February 04, 2005

A planned crackdown on vehicles causing pollution could leave poorer drivers without transport

Via Stuff:
Local Government New Zealand says a Transport Ministry proposal to introduce emission standards will disadvantage people least able to afford to bring cars up to scratch. The group supports in principle the move to reduce air pollution, but calls for more emphasis on the resulting social effects. It says improved public transport would be needed in areas hardest hit by the crackdown.
Like all that sounds like a bad idea? Cutting out the bombs from clogging the roads would be a good start, in my opinion, closely followed by the removal of child drivers by upping the driving age to where they can actually afford 3rd party insurance. This would instantly create a market for public transport usage, cut out the traffic problems that are exacerbated every time the school term resumes, and more walking/cycling by young people would decline obesity rates too. All pluses, really.

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