February 04, 2005

Religion Kills

A form of religious circumcision holds "inherent risks" for babies, the city health commissioner said yesterday.Dr. Thomas Frieden's comments came the day the Daily News reported that his agency is investigating whether an infant who died of herpes last year contracted the disease from the rabbi who circumcised him.
Apart from the horrors of female circumcision (a.k.a. genital mutilation), where is the campaign to ban this barbaric child abuse posing as religious observance? Here.

I reckon a lot of strife, hysteria, fundamentalism and mental illness by religious, "born-again" men can be traced back to their circumcision. In Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand - all those countries featuring proudly on the secular list - cutting boy dicks is a big no-no. But that's my socio-psychological theory anyway.

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