April 30, 2005

Voting in Scotland

Ah, they took note of my suggestion of having regional options in the UK election quiz. So here is my updated result:
Who Should You Vote For?

Who should I vote for in Scotland?

Labour 13
Conservative -54

Liberal Democrat 41
UKIP -49

Green 8

Scottish National Party 57

Scottish Socialist Party 34

You should vote: Scottish National Party

The SNP is broadly left of centre. It supports the Euro as being the national currency rather than sterling, but does not support the European Constitution in its current form. The party supports progressive taxation, student grants and the abolition of tuition fees. The SNP approach on soft drugs is more relaxed with a focus on treatment rather than punishment of hard drug users. It supports debt relief and CO2 emission reductions.

This result is a far better reflection of my own expectation of whom I would vote for if I lived in Britain. I'm more supportive of the EU constitution than the SNP or SSP, but you can't expect everything from a party.

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