June 09, 2005

If only the Lions rugby tour was as exciting

Jonah Lomu couldn't believe his luck by not having to play in the All Blacks-Lions series because he could behold a most magnificent performance, much better than any soccer or rugby match, of strip-jack poker by Rio Ferdinand and drinking buddies. This is how the Herald report had it:
"What happens when one of the globe’s top rugby stars meets one of its top soccer stars? In the case of Jonah Lomu and Rio Ferdinand, it’s all eyes averted... Lomu, in the UK last week for his return match to competitive rugby, was strolling through one of the bars in the $1500-a-night London hotel, The Grove, when he was exposed to more than he bargained for - England and Manchester United soccer defender Ferdinand in the buff. "He was completely naked. I didn’t know what to think," Lomu said. "Rio and his buddies were drinking and playing strip-jack naked. It was some sight." Lomu said Ferdinand was too caught up drinking champagne, beer, wine "and having a good time" to notice him so he just kept walking. "I tried to keep my head down, but you couldn’t miss them. Rio was starkers. He had absolutely nothing on."
The Lions look rather ho-hum in comparison, really.

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