June 09, 2005

Too much TV watching rots my brain?

It was a weekend for a non-stop Are You Being Served marathon. Sure it was inane (innocent even) but double entendres from the 70s and 80s still managed to elicit a snigger from me - and to think it probably would still not be screened uncut in the USA! You couldn't but laugh after many, many hours of stuff like "my pussy was so cold I had to stroke it all night" and "my pussy wins prizes every time I exhibit it". The supposedly gay character portrayal still induces cringeing. When the series was first screened I couldn't identify with being gay at all due to Mr Humphries. If that was gay then I was emphatically not!
Last night saw the PopeTown series kick-off after some wild claims of "offensiveness" and "cancelled by the BBC" by C4 TV and their PR agency at the Catholic Church. But going by episode one, it's all a bit of a do. It even got a [PGR] rating since there was no offensive language, nudity or anything else adult that could mildly interest you in watching TV in the first place. Father Ted, in comparison, was a far better tilt at poking fun. And it was ruder. Only Ruby Wax as the pope's voice was ok-ish.
In other rude comedy news: some amusing new flag suggestions for the UK from Little Britain here. If only the NZ flag debate was so amusing.

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