June 02, 2005

Our favourite pastime: fisking Garth "Vader" George

Good ole George is back from his Anzac trip to his heroes' fields in yonder Turkey and it was a pity he didn't take the opportunity to have a look around the bits of Europe he is scathing about in his latest column.
Except for Newstalk ZB's morning host, Leighton Smith, I have never heard anyone predict the eventual disintegration of the European Union, and sooner rather than later.
That's because Leighton Smith talks about everything out of his arse, as is his wont as a talkback radio host, we don't expect anything else. I've never heard much talk about the eventual disintegration of the United States either, blue and red states notwithstanding, but that doesn't mean it's about to happen, no matter how welcome that would be.
Yet for years I have held the opinion that this unwieldy collection of different nations cannot survive as an entity and that the more additional economic, social and political connections that are made, the less likely it is to survive.
Garth, the sociologist and politocologist, swimming against the tide of social progress, peace, tolerance and just plain common sense, obviously prefers the pre-war arrangement, in vogue since the Celts were defeated by the Romans, with occasional bloody wars alternating with tense ceasefires, Inquisitorial screams and the sweet smell of heretical burnings.
The resounding "non" in the referendum on the proposed EU constitution held in France this week is merely the first major breeze through the house-of-cards structure that is European "unity". And at the time of writing it is expected that the Dutch, fiercely protective of the sovereignty of their damp little patch of dirt, will follow suit. That the breach happened in France comes as no surprise, for the French are probably the most nationalistic, insular and xenophobic of all Europeans.
So hurray for the Dutch protecting their polder but boo to the French for wanting to give Chirac a bloody nose.
The court action to suppress courtroom videotapes by the undercover Rainbow Warrior killers, Mafart and Prieur, is simply further evidence - although none is needed - of the selfishness and arrogance of this insufferable race.
Garth couldn't afford the French champagne to celebrate the attack on those horrible, pagan, nay, even godless, green activists? Or was he just not invited to the party?
It would have been interesting if Germany had held a referendum instead of deciding the constitution issue in the Bundestag. But Gerhard Schroeder wasn't as silly as the doddering Jacques Chirac. He probably knew that a referendum would be doomed to failure in a country in which neo-Nazism flourishes mainly as a result of European Union racial liberalism.
Ah, the war and the Nazis, never ending sources for the self-identification of Garth's generation. Everything is frozen since 8 May 1945, Germany isn't really not one of us, there are still all those Nazis under the bed, no wonder referendums are frowned upon - never mind that the Allied designed constitution does not make room for plebiscites, not since the rather unfortunate experience before the war with them (just Google plebiscites, Anschluss, Sudetenland).
And I wonder, too, what the results might have been had Austria and Italy asked their populations to decide. Greece, too, with Turkey knocking on the EU's door. In Britain, which to its credit has remained more at arm's length from the EU than most, Tony Blair seems sure to think twice about the referendum planned for next year because there is nothing surer than that the Brits would deliver an even stronger "no" than the French.
Never you mind that Britain has been the most ardent proponent of EU enlargement - in a thinly veiled bid to dilute a Franco-German axis of power in the EU - and is campaigning for Turkey's entry too.
How anyone can believe that this assortment of nations can form such an intimate relationship and make it last is beyond me, although I'm sure it makes perfect sense to the post-modernist utopianists who devised it and built it. They seem to think that history can be ignored, that nationhood, race, ethnicity and culture developed and nurtured over thousands of years can suddenly be subsumed to a perceived "good".
I often ask myself the same question about the United States, Brazil, India, Russia and China.
They seem to think that in this New Age of political correctness, ancient rivalries - often virulent hatreds - can be overcome and forgotten as if they had never happened. The whole of European history says bollocks to that. But, once again, the post-modernists hold sway, the multiculturalists who believe that all cultures are equivalent and thus can live together in harmony. World history says bollocks to that, too.
The history and unrivalled success of the EU has been about saying bollocks to those irrational "hatreds", which were mostly fostered by religious fanatics such as the Catholic Church, their protestant counterparts and now their Islamist partners in crime. A "Coalition of the Circumcised" (c)Uroskin arraigned against the secular Enlightenment project that the EU is.
Not content with just being a religious nationalist, he swallows whole the pseudo-anti-capitalist line that it's all about the money:
Why have these things been done - the attempts to make Western Europe's disparate nations into one amorphous country, and the attempts to integrate disparate races into one New Zealand? It's all been done in the pursuit of money.
But then, it's not about the money. No, the superannuated mind twists and turns in its swamp of illogicality (will he ever be able to make his mind up about anything?):
Thus are we reduced by the neo-Marxists to the economic units proclaimed by Karl Marx himself. He must be laughing his head off in whatever hell he inhabits to see that what his original philosophies miserably failed to achieve are being pursued afresh by a new breed.
And then Garth fires his moneyshot:
And I'll tell you what: The European Union will disintegrate just as the Soviet Union did. Why? Because the foundations upon which they both were and are built are Godless.
Well, I'd rather be godless than clueless.

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