July 31, 2005

This had me laughing all day long

The Profanisaurus: English dictionary of profane language.
My favourite entries:
- barse n. The perineum; that little bit between your balls and your arse.
- biffon n. That part of the female anatomy between the bottom and the vagina, which the man's balls biff on during intercourse.
- Billy Mill roundabout n. The climactic point of masturbation. From the A1058 Coast Road in Newcastle. e.g. "My mum walked in just as I was coming up to the Billy Mill roundabout".
- Dutch oven n. The area beneath the bedclothes after one's partner has just played the dawn chorus on his botty bugle.
- ghost shit n. A stool or dump of which there is no trace when you stand up and turn round to admire it.
- pirate of men's pants euph. Swashbuckling term for your jolly Roger.
- polish the lighthouse v. male To masturbate in the bath.
- tackleshack n. Underpants.

Is it just me but aren't a lot of entries to do with females rather on the nasty side:
- bucket fanny n. A spacious vagina. Also Tardis twat.
- fizzing at the bung hole euph. To denote sexual arousal in women.
- hamburger shot n. A rear view in a pornographic magazine in which the beef curtains (qv) are visible.

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