August 16, 2005

Sport builds character

Our local Sunday newspaper (not online) last weekend ran a belated story on teenage Manchester United soccer sensation Wayne Rooney and his treatment in the British tabloid press what with his serial visits to the local backstreet brothel, wonderfully titled by the subeditor in one publication as "Roo in a Vice Den".
Only in Britain (and an assortment of other Anglo-saxon countries) is sex a scandal and the faux outrage puzzles me every time.
I would have thought that the British media would actually be celebrating the fact that their latest soccer star is an uncomplicated heterosexual with a healthy sexual appetite, unlike the previous specimen who spawned a whole subcultural industry ranging from university courses to tattoo designs.
18 year old chav shagging 45 year old ho, the thought may make you go puke but hey, that's heterosexuality for you, I never claimed it was a pretty sight.

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