November 10, 2005

In space, no-one can smell you

I tuned in accidentally to Star Trek: Enterprise, the pheromone episode. Alien "slave girls" only have to waft their sex hormones over any species to turn them into gibbering, drooling, sweaty and aggressive slaves. That's the premise of this rather ludicrous story line. Said slave girls were looking suspiciously like a caveman's wet dream, apart from their sickly green skin tones, but the thing that got me was that for that pheromones-conquer-everything story line to work, they could have looked like any pig in space and still got their men. If the male of any species just get led by the nose, he'll want to nail anything. Sounds like the real world to me!
Star Trek has always been big on silly plot lines and unlikely couplings, but why have the writers and producers never got out of their 1950s mindset when it comes to sex and sexual relations in space? It would be far more interesting, intriguing and watchable if they were to speculate and explore how different - or at least contemporary rather than 1950s midwest USA - sex would be in the 25th Century. And I would screw the 3 of 5 Borg (pictured) any day.

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