November 12, 2005

NZ politics

Nandor Tanczos is going to be my MP after all as he will be taking up Rod Donald's seat in Parliament. So that means all three main candidates in my electorate (Judith Tizard, Pansy Wong, and Nandor) are MPs.
It makes you wonder why they have local contests at all, but I have long advocated a list system only for electing parliament and do away with electorate seats (and, as a bonus, no need for Maori seats either as they will be able to attract votes from the whole country rather than only from those who identify as Maori).
For Nandor Tanczos it has been a rollercoaster ride: the Green Party was short of 1,250 votes to get him back in, but now after Rod Donald's tragic death, he can pick up where he left off. And he would make a good Attorney General too!

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