November 15, 2005

The Garden Safari

A very pleasant, if hectic, weekend with several hundred people visiting our garden (and 17 others), all for a good cause.
Ewen got all the planting done and I was in charge of weed pulling for the last couple of weeks, but the garden looked presentable and everybody was quite complimentary.
Of course, we could not compete with the clifftop estates and their million dollar ocean views, but it was nice to hear that visitors appreciated coming to a "real Waiheke" garden.
In all, about $20,000 was raised for the Jassy Dean Trust, which is a massive success.
The star of the show in our garden, the one plant everybody was interested in, was the Mexican Blood flower (pictured), a vine that grows along the length of our deck rail. It flowers deep red and does so for most of the summer.

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