December 13, 2005

1 in 16.6

UK official figures state that 3.5 million Britons are gay, which is 6 percent of the population. Number of pink pounds in their income: £60 billion, according to Barclays Bank. The economic goodies don't just stop there:
the typical gay man working full-time earns an average £34,168, compared to £24,783 for a lesbian. Both figures, though, are much higher than the salaries earned by the average male and female British worker of £24,236 and £18,531 respectively.
There'll be a clamouring for a gay surtax next because the bent ones earn so much more than the average straight guy. And an exemption for equal pay requirements for lesbians because they're already on a par with the average (presumably straight) male.
I can attest that the gay staff in our company get paid more than the straight ones, but sexual orientation has no bearing on that fact. (We don't have lesbians to make the other comparison possible) Go figure.

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