January 11, 2006

Sex and the military

In an attempt to impose Christo-Islamic-Judaic family values on his military, President Bush has made, by executive order,
patronizing a prostitute by enlisted personnel an offence with a punishment of up to a year in prison, forfeiture of pay and dishonorable discharge.
It's done under the guise of combating the trafficking of people for prostitution and to change the mindset of the military that condones prostitution and related activities.
Everybody knows that an army and navy fights better when it has access to R&R of the comforting kind (I have always considered myself a friendly port), so this order is surely another blow to the morale of the American forces.
And the funny thing is, Osama-Bin-Forgotten would wholeheartedly endorse such a prohibition. His suicide bombers, and Muslim boys in general, are manipulated and kept in check by sexual frustration: from the promise of their share of virgins in paradise to the total dissing of the sunbathing girls by Sydney "Lebs".
But you've got to wonder what all those horny army boys think they are fighting for and whether they will now think it's actually worth the effort.
I, for one, will not shirk my patriotic duty of servicing any guy in uniform, for free, because I am not cheap.

An intriguing final sentence in the news report reads:
Marines are briefed by their commanders, especially those who are deploying overseas, that they should not engage in prostitution.
Does this mean they are not to charge either anymore?

Item via Democratic Veteran

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