February 22, 2006

The Four Things Meme

I got tagged by First Against The Wall:

Four jobs I've had:
1. Anarchist radio announcer and collective politburo member (7 years)
2. Research assistant into TQM (total quality management) applicability in secondary schools (11 months) - needless to say it wasn't, and it didn't
3. Stock processing at a fantastic record store (1 day a week, for several years)
4. Monitoring radio and television news and current affairs (10 years) - a "Winston Smith 1984" job if there ever was one like that. Loved it though!

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1. Screamplay: pure genius
2. Some Like It Hot: pure fun
3. The Night of the Hunter: pure horror
4. The Honeymoon Killers: pure lunacy

Four places I've lived:
1. Ghent: born there, moved age 5
2. Antwerpen: two southern suburbs, age 5 to 29
3. London: three East End flatshares, age 29 to 32
4. Auckland: three downtown flats, age 32 to 42

Four TV shows I love:
1. The Green Room
2. Shameless
3. The Kingdom (Lars von Trier)
4. Blackadder

Four places I've vacationed:
1. Gran Canaria
2. Norway
3. Luxembourg
4. Rarotonga

Four of my favourite dishes:
1. Pasta (any kind as long as it has a yummy creamy sloppy sauce sticking to it)
2. Crepe pancakes (with Nutella, Kahlua-flambed banana and cream)
3. Mussels and chips - with mayonnaise
4. Champagne

Four sites I visit daily:
1. News: BBC, Google NZ and Google Belgie
2. Blogs: JoeMyGod, Public Address, Oh La La Paris - really all the sites in the right hand column
3. Arts & Letters Daily
4. Worldskins

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Palm Beach, Waiheke Island: no clothes no hassle beach
2. Madrid, Spain: if only it was near the sea
3. Edinburgh, Scotland: in a parallel universe this would be home now
4. Paris, France: kicking myself for not visiting sooner and more often

Four bloggers I am tagging:
1. Peter at DubDotDash
2. Mr BerlinBear at The Capital Letter
3. Paul at Buggery.org
4. Sangroncito

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