February 14, 2006

The Big Gay Out

On Sunday, the annual gay jamboree, a.k.a. the Big Gay Out, took place here in Auckland. It was again a fun day for the whole family and a chance for the non-family crowd to get a look at their trade past, present and, hopefully, future, in bright daylight. There is a photo gallery of the event here.
Even the Christian fundamentalists, who always love to attend events like this - heaven knows why - had a laid back air about them, unlike previous years. We actually didn't get much beyond the beer tent, as usual, and completely ignored the events at the main stage where, apparently but I had to read about it, various politicians again sermonised and barbed each other. All so very last year.
I did see National Party leader Don Brash strolling past the merchandise stalls and he was completely and unsurprisingly ignored by everyone around him. Our Glorious Leader Helen was not there because she was on a leftwing party stint in South Africa, where she sat next to and watched Tony Blair squirming about the British troop abuse video. Which, I bet, was much fun!
The only political point I felt like making was buying a large cone at the Danish Ice Cream cart.

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