February 03, 2006

They've run out of hairless boys too

Following the international spat about the Mohammed cartoons in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, other European newspapers have been following suit in breaking an attempt to classify them as "blasphemous" by the religion concerned.
Muslims have called for a boycott of Danish products, so no more Danish bacon for breakfast, Hans Christian Andersen bedtime stories and Lego sets for the kiddies, and a supercool B&O sound system is now off their Christmas list - or whatever the Muslim equivalent of that.
Those desert religions should learn that their medieval religious canon is a rich source for lampooning and humorous comment from rational folk who can't be stopped to take the piss out of superstition and ignorance, such as Intelligent Design (adhered to by more than only Christian sects, Darwin is anathema in Islam too).

Thinking a bit more about this particular cartoon, I think it's a bloody good one for Islam, because it can be read as Mohammed disabusing all those misguided suicide bombers, and telling imams to stop indoctrinating potential recruits with promises of unlimited sexual success. If only sexual frustration among Moslim guys could be tackled. There are plenty of earth virgins who would want to put out.

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