February 01, 2006

And the Oscar Goes To The Straight in the Corner There Because We Couldn't Find Any Takers Without Beards

It seems there is no end to the accolades bestowed on the cowboys' love story, what with all the Oscar nominations. It used to be that gay actors got Oscars for playing straights (Hello, Rock) but now the tables have turned, even though it still remains to be seen whether playing fag on screen actually does anything for your star status or bankability.
And I'm just a little bit concerned that both actors in Brokeback Mountain have made sure they have also appeared in very heterosexual roles this season - to compensate for the career risk-taking, perhaps? Or just to make sure they are really, really not homos, thank godess. Heath Ledger in Casanova, only notable for the amount of cleavage shown by the women throughout the film, and Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead. The latter one is of course highly dubious: the film's premise of bored, half-naked marines lying around in the desert does not augur well to qualify as a hetero movie, but in my experience for a more cinematically satisfying one.

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