March 17, 2006

Haka for Burmester

The only good thing about New Zealand sport - apart from the occasional spunky bloke partaking - is the "spontaneous" haka that team mates perform, either to fire themselves up before the match, or afterwards, when one of their own has won.
So it was when Moss Burmester won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games swimming.
It's a nice tradition where the boys get to strip off and slap their thighs and chests and can act the fool as much as they like.
When you see groups of young New Zealanders abroad, ask them to do a haka, but insist on them stripping off for authenticity. Chests will swell with pride.
(Picture from APN)

Queerclick has a good photoshoot of the NZ Water Polo team doing a haka (worksafe!)

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