March 16, 2006

That paragon of wickedness

The Washington Times, affectionately known as The Moonie Times, never attracted any great intellectual contributions, but a recent column was worth reading. (Re-published by The Brussels Journal) It compared the history of Amsterdam with that of New Orleans in geographical and economic terms and the lessons New Orleans could learn from the Dutch in dealing with storm floods and dike breaks.
All very earnest and serious stuff, while we all know why we really love Amsterdam and New Orleans.
This was expertly brought out by a commentator on the piece and worth quoting:
"The thought that anything of modern Dutch conception should be emulated is bizarre wickedness. Amsterdam, that paragon of wickedness in which women are displayed by the numbers for the sexual gratification of passers-by, while euthanasia grows as a cancer within it and the whole city a drug Mecca for the worst of the earth should be a role model for New Orleans, itself a mere child of below sea level wickedness in comparison is the classic lie of free willers everywhere: "Look what we did. You Too can 'do it' if you try."
If you want heaven on earth or be raptured out of your brain, Amsterdam - and hopefully soon again New Orleans too - is the place to be.

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