April 20, 2006

Sex in the news

News item:
Police searched the dorm rooms of two Duke University lacrosse players after the two were arrested on charges of raping and kidnapping an exotic dancer during an off-campus team party. [...] Neither Seligmann and Finnerty was among the team members arrested in recent years for such offenses as underage drinking and public urination.
Finnerty, however, was charged in Washington, D.C., with assault after a man told police in November that Finnerty and two friends punched him and called him "gay and other derogatory names." Finnerty agreed to community service.
Don't these guys have girlfriends who put out so they don't have to go find release with unwilling partners?
White middle-class student virgins saving themselves for their marriage, or what?
And what on earth is Lacrosse, which warrants team parties with booze and strippers?
Also imagine the outrage, even lynch mob calls, had a white woman been raped by a group of boozed up black students. No $400,000 bonds would have sufficed, surely, even if they could have raised such an amount of dough.

But what really shocks me is that, as usual, this kind of sordid story is being reported on the sports pages of some (student) magazines. Sex and sport should be played consensually, fairly and with grace.
I trust the cops found lots of embarrassing material in their dorm room, such as dirty underpants, sticky girly mags and lots of DNA on their bed sheets.

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