May 18, 2006

Sex in the news

The ringleader of a group of 82nd Airborne Division soldiers charged with having sex for money on a military-themed gay pornography Web site was sentenced Tuesday to three months in a military prison.
The judge, Col. Grant S. Jaquith, sentenced Mitten to 100 days in jail, but his plea bargain capped the jail term at three months. Under military court rules, the accused gets the lesser of the two sentences.
Mitten, 21, also was demoted to private, will lose two-thirds of his pay and will receive a bad conduct discharge as part of a plea bargain.
Two other soldiers previously pleaded guilty in connection to the Web site.
Pfc. Richard Ashley pleaded guilty in April to sodomy, conduct detrimental to the Army and using an unauthorized prescription drug. He was sentenced to 75 days in prison.
Pvt. Kagen B. Mullen, 21, pleaded guilty earlier this month to conduct detrimental to the Army and to using marijuana. He was sentenced to 90 days in prison.
Mitten told the court that he was contacted by the Web site’s producer, Dennis Ashe, through the Internet in August.
Mitten said he met with Ashe the day after he was contacted. The producer asked him to pose for nude pictures and offered to pay him $2,000 to perform in a gay pornography video.
Mitten, performing under the name "Donnie", and another paratrooper met at Ashe’s house the following day and filmed a pornography video.
He testified that Ashe set up a camera controlled by a computer from another room and filmed the paratroopers having sex.
He made a second video with another paratrooper a few months later.
Mitten told the judge that he made $6,000 from August to November.
Before accepting the plea, the judge asked Mitten why he did it.
"It was for the money, your honor," Mitten told him.
It certainly gives an extra dimension to the expression "gay for pay".
Pay they certainly now do, and I hope and its subscribers have the honour to support the soldiers' families through their financial ordeal.

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