July 27, 2006

Blame the faggots (again)

As if 9/11, hurricane Katrina, global warming, the Discovery blast and Queering Eyes making for the Straight Guys were not enough, now rabbis are claiming that homosexuals are the cause of World War III (a.k.a. the Israeli-Hezbollah spat) now breaking out:
Are Israel's troubles in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon and the Hezbollah rockets slamming daily into major Israeli population centers here a result of the Jewish state's tacit support for a homosexual parade slated for next month in Jerusalem?
Some rabbis seem to think so, and they are attempting to block the event from taking place in Judaism's holiest city.
"Why does this war break out this week, all of sudden with little warning? Because this is the exact week the Jewish people are trying to decide whether the gay pride parade should take place in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv," Pinchas Winston, a noted author, rabbi and lecturer based in Jerusalem told WND.
Link via Billmon

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