July 04, 2006

Xlibris Releases A Fantastic Superhero Novel Written By A Long Time Comic Book Collector

Since the 1930s, tales about superheroes have been an essential component of comic books.. From Batman to the X-Men, superhero tales endure in popularity because of the relevance of their dramatic social and moral messages. The elements that make superheroes so exciting will again stir your imagination as Xlibris proudly releases The Superhero’s Closet, the compelling new superhero novel from author and veteran comic book collector H. Andrew Lynch.
Set in San Francisco, The Superhero’s Closet introduces us to four super humans – teenager Lain Grey (budding powers), young Kathleen (who channels dead philosophers through her dog), Vernon Hood (the most powerful man alive) and Geoffrey Gilman (the original superhero) -- each with dark secrets, who inexorably cross paths when the city is suddenly attacked by a mysterious woman called the Goshenite. As the crisis grows, the riddles of their past collide with the present. Will these super beings be able to unite for a common cause or will their past divide them? The Superhero’s Closet contains all the excitement and surprises that you find in today’s comic books. The novel’s special focus on the pain and joy of humanity will attract the attention of a wide audience of readers, especially adventure fans and comic book readers. Considering the popularity of super heroes in modern society (Hollywood’s X-Men: The Last Stand and Superman Returns are big theatrical successes), The Superhero’s Closet is a relevant and entertaining book that people cannot afford to miss. Be sure to order a copy of H. Andrew Lynch’s fantastic superhero book by visiting his website or by visiting your favorite bookstore today!

About the Author:
For the pure enjoyment of it, H. Andrew Lynch has read and collected superhero comics for 35 years. A frequently published horror and sci-fi short-story writer in the 90s, Lynch wrote three superhero manuscripts before discarding them all to write his big superhero tale, The Superhero’s Closet. Lynch lives in San Francisco with his Beagles, Woody and Darwin.

The Superhero's Closet * by H. Andrew Lynch Publication Date: May 9, 2006 Trade Paperback; $21.99; 212 pages; 1-4257-0567-7; Cloth Hardback; $31.99; 212 pages
Trivia detail: Andrew wrote large parts of his novel when staying at our place in 2000.

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