August 22, 2006

Sex in the news

The annual Erotica Expo in Auckland is on again these days and to promote the event there will be a "Boobs on Bikes" parade down Queen Street (the town's main drag) this Wednesday lunchtime. It's been done before and the police have given the go ahead.
But this time the City fathers and mothers - anxious to find an issue to divert attention from the disastrous local tax hikes hitting people this month - have jumped up and down to get a ban instated. It won't happen this year but apparently a by-law is in the making that would ban a similar parade in future. Which would be like, really, really stupid. Don't these pitiful Council sods not know that heterosexuality needs all the promotion it can muster?

Fifteen years ago we paraded down Queen Street in the first two Hero Parades dressed only in leather harnesses and jockstraps scaring the then city mums and dads out their wits. A few boobs on bikes shouldn't really need to worry them, their straight sons seem to be easily satisfied.

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