September 30, 2006

The officially "Unofficial Gay Car"

The Bangkok Post (via Towleroad) muses on whether cars are made for gay men, or can be made to appeal to gay men, and whether Thailand is ready for gay car marketing. The new Mini Cooper apparently fits the bill, but obviously only when they have zebra stripes do they appeal to the Thai gayboys.

That is so not how the Mini Cooper appeals to western gay men (like me). Even the unreconstructed retrosexuals of Top Gear have put the Mini on their Cool Car Wall as a "subzero car", even though Jeremy Clarkson was praising it with faintness when he said
"they should make a quintessentially German [Mini] giving it trafficators that imitate a Nazi salute and a satnav that only goes to Poland." He concluded by commenting: "Und ein fanbelt that lasts a thousand years!"
Well, the English got thrashed in Germany this year, so they should be finally over the Second World War.

But to stick to the original point, of course the Mini is a gay car: it is an incredible boy magnet that never fails.
Even my cat, who is vehemently opposed to travelling by car, likes sitting on the bonnet of mine.

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