September 23, 2006

Rugby, as it should be played

From The Daily Post:
A mysterious group of rugby-playing streakers have given Rotorua residents an eyeful.
Five naked men thought to be in their 20s ran on to the field during an under-13 rugby match at Kahukura Rugby Club, just hours after a bunch of nude blokes reportedly jumped from a passenger coach in Tirau's main street and streaked up the road.
Tirau promotions officer Warren Lee said he thought they were a rugby team on their way home after a defeat and were dared to do it as a punishment from their coach.
Kahukura coach Wayne Fell also thought they were rugby players.
"They were probably on a trip because it was the end of the season," he said. "They were on the plonk, off their trees, and someone dared them to do it so they were away."
After interrupting Saturday's Kahukura v Auckland rugby match, "causing a disturbance", the men jumped into a car and drove off.
Ten minutes later another man streaked across the field, this time wearing a yellow cape. The game's referee, Dave Kahakiwa, tackled him, but the young man got up and ran to a getaway car.
Mr Fell said the children weren't offended; rather the streakers had made them play better.
In another sighting, Jan and Bryan Moran of Papakura spotted five naked young men playing rugby at the Rotorua Lakefront about 3.30pm on Saturday.
"We didn't stop to stare but it was just enough time to see naked bodies," Mrs Moran said.
The rugby streak up Tirau's main road is apparently an unofficial annual event. I would recommend Tirau would make this a tourist attraction, not that it lacks those already with all those wonderful corrugated iron buildings. But think of what it would do for the promotion of rugby as a gentler, kinder and an altogether more hugging sport than the current thuggery one can see on the Rugby Channel. Playing rugby naked has a long tradition and long may it continue. It would attract more viewers and also change the nature of the game: the scrum collapses would result in giggles rather than broken backs, and other nasty deliberate injuries such as eye gouging and unwelcome and unwanted fingers up arses would be a thing of the past. Hell, I might even join a club!

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