November 27, 2006

Sex in the "news"

Local scandal sheet "Investigate" last week claimed that Labour Party minister David Benson-Pope was a member of a Dunedin BDSM group called "Southern Kinx".
Just why Ian Wishart, editor of the magazine, would think that this somehow is a "scandal" eludes me. But linking the words "sex" and "scandal" is a typically Tory and Anglo-saxon invention. In all other countries people have sex lives instead.
The minister denied it quoting his already full diary to be able to attend the munches.

I have been to a number of these "munches", colloquial BDSM talk for having a tea party where instead of bringing biscuits and cake, you bring your favourite sex toy, toyboy/girl, magazines, and share your experiences with the others, or just have a good chinwag about what to do at the next (real) BDSM party.
It's all very innocuous and good fun, and I must say disappointingly, low in actual excitement or kinkiness - unless you regard wearing your favourite fetish costume as kinky.
The BDSM play parties are a very different kettle of fish and rather good fun, even if they are usually mostly heterosexual. There is very little (if any) actual sex and ther scenes always struck me (as it were) as hetero foreplay. For the assembled gayboys there is always the very edifying spectacle of watching those straight boys being handled by their mistresses. Highly recommended.

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