December 02, 2006

Get your hose out and start pumping

An American firefighter claimed $2.7 million in compensation because his firehouse mates played a prank on him by mixing dogfood in his spaghetti dinner. This being America and the fireman being black makes for an explosive mix of racism and envy - including dozens of dogfood cans being sent to his attorney and the city government who settled his claim without going to trial.
So far so hum.
What intrigued me far more in the story was:
"Pictures appeared of Pierce engaging in a series of fire station pranks - in one instance apparently helping shave the genital area of a firefighter bound to a gurney."
Forget about compensation, I'd gladly eat a dog's breakfast in return for the chance to shave a fireman's nuts while he's tied to the slippery pole. And I'd hose him down afterwards too as part of the service!

The prankster pictures are here. Looks like that firehouse is a lot of fun!

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