January 24, 2007

Who on earth wants to be an Australian?

Further evidence that Australia and New Zealand are living in parallel universes: the annual tribal youth cultures jamboree, a.k.a. The Big Day Out, in New Zealand passed without notice, while in Australia it has been marred by ugly scenes of "patriots" forcing bystanders to kiss the Australian flags they had draped around their sweaty and red-necked bodies, or risk being beaten up as un-Australians. Nothing like that would ever happen in New Zealand. Ever. So never confuse Australians and New Zealanders when you meet them. Just like you would never want to mix up Americans with Canadians.

Now there is a website to measure your political position in Ozzie terms. (Thank you No Right Turn) And my results are actually not far off the mark at all:
- Political outlook: Your broad political orientation score is -43.3%, which equates to a ‘Left’ position
- Economic policy: Your economic policy score score is -3%. This equates to a ‘Centre’ position
- Social policy: Your social policy score is -47.7%. This equates to a ‘Left’ position
- Traditional values: Your traditional values score is -78.5%. This equates to a ‘Far Left’ position

As a high tax band reasonably well off homosexual my economic leftism is necessarily tempered by the fact that in return for paying taxes I get relatively little back - certainly far less than breeding couples who get masses of family support, which in essence I actually pay for. Never mind, a child is reared by a whole village, not just its family.
I am certainly pleased that in none of the categories I score on the Tory side of the spectrum.

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