June 05, 2004

A world without bigot bishops

Foot in mouth disease struck senile bishop in Aotearoa when he declared a "new morality in the world based on human accepted norms" - so no more nasty moral strictures foisted upon us solely based on Scripture. The guy has been named head-bish of those closet Catholics, the Anglicans.
I think the delusional man needs a lot more prayer breakfasts to realise his wet dream in his lifetime, let alone in mine. The way public moral opinion is going, there will soon be more Jedi than Christians in the census.
And would the Herald get away with front page headlines such as "A World Without Maori" or "A World Without Christians" (Yes, please to that last one!)?
"Cold is God's way of telling us to burn more Christians." ( Lady Whiteadder paraphrased in Blackadder II)

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