June 27, 2007

Eden Project goes biblical

One of the more interesting places to visit when you find yourself in Cornwall, apart from the Lost Gardens of Heligan, is the Eden Project.
It's a major tourist attraction of the eco-kind, which we visited in 2003. (We recommend going early in the morning before the bus loads of pensioners arrive and don't let you get a look in at the tearoom).
Now, apparently, the Project have gone the whole Edenesque way with a day for nudists to visit, and of course the ever vigilant English tabloid newspapers couldn't resist throwing some cheeky humour around. The Sun sent off one of their more photogenic hacks to report on the event bare-cheeked (see picture). Unfortunately all written in the Carry On style so beloved by tabloid readers.

I imagine the enjoyment of the environment there works really well in the nude, some of the pods are quite tropical in temperature and when we were there it would have made sense to shed all our clothing, especially in the tropical pods. I mean, if it was good enough for Adam & Eve it should be good enough for us atheists.

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