June 27, 2007

Queenie wipes fundamentalist arse

All of us who want to give one back to all those intolerant, ignorant, dangerous fanatically religious pricks, here's a story that will warm you:
"Hate preacher Abu Hamza has refused any more treatment from his prison nurse after finding out the man is gay.
The nurse, nickname Queenie, has been helping to wash and dress the convicted terrorist for more than two years."
Give this man a medal for bravery!
"Officers at Belmarsh jail are said to be surprised Hamza, 48, has not noticed before."
Not only dumb, but deaf and blind too.
"The nurse is upset about it. He has spent the last couple of years doing everything for Hamza, even wiping his bottom."
I'm sorry, but I wouldn't want to touch that man's arse with my bargepole. Another OBE, Queen Lilybeth! Nay, even a VC for bravery venturing into hellish holes and live to tell the tale!
And the last laugh?
"Hamza has been refusing treatment while he is on duty but he won't be able to keep that up because it is causing him a great deal of discomfort."
Priceless. We look forward to hearing from Queenie how Hamza got on with wiping his own arse using only that pirate hook. Go, Queenie!

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