July 08, 2007

9 Bonks

Rialto Channel featured a quite graphic sex film last night called 9 Songs. Ostensibly it was a concert film of some trendy (in 2004 at least) British bands playing live in a few London venues, attended by the film protagonists: a skinny waif (Margo Stilley) and hunk (Kieran O'Brien). Between songs, they fuck in all sorts of scenarios to make it look less boring. The dialogue is rather inane as befits a sex film ("Do I look like a boy", she purrs while she arches her body into even greater skinniness and titless-ness. "Yes" he says, but we groan: "Oh no she doesn't, she looks like a tranny who forgot to take her hormone pills.")
Lest any feminists berate this film as sick porno, au contraire, she treats him mostly like a piece of meat - and what a succulent piece of meat Kieran's was too. Instead, imagine or remember, if you will, one of the sex scenes: he's cooking dinner and she is pleasuring herself with a whirring vibrator. He goes into the bedroom and looks at her doing her thing. She cums noisily and lengthily, and he just goes back to his cooking. If the roles had been reversed there would be howls of outrage, screams of objectification, calls for bans on the film.

In all, not a great riveting story, more constructed like what you would remember after a nine bonk affair. It's fun to construct your own story in the film because there is very little explicit going on story-wise. My theory is that the film is actually about the revelation of the phallus. Kieran's dick is the hero of the film and gradually has a more and more explicit presence in the film. Unlike a real porn movie, his dick is playing hide and seek in chiaroscuro lighting early on and only comes to prominence in the final fuck scenes. With a spectacular ejaculation (image NSFW) in the final round. There the film ended because there was literally no more to reveal or for us to discover (I'd have had a go at his arsehole too if I had been the director, because that is the final frontier of manhood).
Kieran O'Brien has a great future in porno if he wants to avoid being an unemployed actor. He leaves those Hollywood badboy dicks like Colin Farrell for dead.

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