July 11, 2007

Women Strip Naked Against Wool Cruelty

A media alert from PETA:
PETA Beauties Descend on Australian Consulate to Expose the Naked Truth About Mulesing

Standing naked behind an Australian "flag" that reads, "The Naked Truth: Australia Tortures Sheep" on one side and "Australia: Turn Your Back on Mulesing" on the other, two PETA beauties will protest against "mulesing" (live flaying) mutilations of lambs' bottoms – calling for an immediate end to this cruel, outdated practice – outside the Australian Consulate-General in Auckland tomorrow.

Mulesing is a painful procedure in which gardening shears are used to cut chunks of skin and flesh from lambs' backsides – without any painkillers – in a crude effort to reduce maggot infestation from blowfly strike, even though humane control methods exist and are already in use among 98 per cent of New Zealand wool farmers as well as many Australian farmers.

The majority of New Zealand farmers don't mules but instead choose humane alternatives such as the timely jetting, crutching and shearing of sheep; breeding for bare-breeched and plain-bodied sheep; and implementing better animal husbandry practices. Mulesing continues in Australia simply because it is the cheapest and easiest thing to do.

"Australia's treatment of sheep is a national disgrace", says PETA member Lana Went. "Mulesing is indefensible. Purposely breeding animals who aren't suited to the country's climate is no excuse to continue the practice. Consumers are demanding that Australia follow New Zealand's lead and choose compassionate alternatives to cruel mutilations."

Where: Australian Consulate-General, Level 7 Price Water House Coopers Tower, 186-194 Quay Street, Auckland
When: Thursday, July 12th, 12 noon

Considering the freezing temperatures and the gales we've been having here in Auckland lately, good luck to the PETA girls. Don't freeze!
And boys, why don't you join in?
More information at SaveTheSheep.com

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