October 05, 2007

The joy of net searching

Another of our monthly looks at what key words brought you here in the first place. And what an unsavoury lot you are!
- Jesse Metcalfe naked: he hasn't been on Desperate Housewives for ages and still a popular boy. Sorry to read he has checked into rehab for alcohol abuse last March. Come and have a Waiheke wine with us, mate.
- cocksucking contests: enough already, thanks. Get a sex life.
- Roman Serble nude: you have great taste but we'll only see him in his full glory when they bring back the real Olympics
- billy mill roundabout: hahahahaha, I had forgotten about that one. A classic Profanisaurus entry.
- is Prince Harry circumcised? No. If you have give thanks for one thing Diana, Princess of Wales, has done right in her life it's preventing the British establishment from putting the knife into her boys.
- Nana Mouskouri lesbian: if only! Then she wouldn't be such a homophobic, ungrateful bitch
- scally trackie lads get circumcised: sick fuck, get out of here.

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