November 27, 2007

Nude news

From the Community Police Report:
"On the 8th of November Police were contacted in relation to a middle aged male who was witnessed walking naked along a track which leads to the beach at Warrington, the man was apprehended by Police a short time later just south of Palmerston and was subsequently arrested. He could not provide an adequate explanation for his actions and the witness was disgusted by what she had observed. A 48 year old farmer from Kakanui Valley will be appearing at the Dunedin District Court in December in relation to this."
The trouble with community policing is that their reports are never detailed enough. There were no specifics on what was actually seen, nor any proof offered why the sight of a naked farmer doing his morning walk to the beach would be "disgusting". And why is finding something disgusting these days reason enough to be able to call the police to make an arrest?
I thought it rather brave of the man to bare all in a climate like Dunedin's where it's more customary to wrap up warm against the lashing southerlies. Since he didn't know why he went walkies in the buff, one can only presume he's done it many times before and thought nothing of it. It was just his bad luck to walk into the local Presbyterian frump, who should have treated it as an education instead of an affront.

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